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Beers for now or later

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Whats on the pumps

In addition to our two permanent lines – Timothy Taylor  Landlord and Black Sheep Best Bitter – we attempt to offer a good and varied selection of ales from our trusted breweries.

This is not to say we are not open to suggestions for specific beers that you may like to see on our pumps or indeed suggest a brewery.

In Jan’s eyes there is no water anywhere other than Yorkshire water for making Beer or even tea for that matter. Therefore compelling reasons for a none Yorkshire Beer will be required when putting suggestions forward.

Roger occassionally manages to sneak a brew from the Chelsea area, but doesnt often get his own way. But as many of you will appreciate, breweries from North London just will not happen!

For a good guide to see whats currently on our ale pumps and what is either in the cellar waiting to go on or even just ordered to arrive soon. Click below.

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